Throughout this weekend, I had read so many economic articles, and then I found one interesting article about the job report for September and Obama’s Jobs bill.  On the jobs report, it shows that employers added 103,000 jobs last month.  It looks like U.S. economy almost avoid Double-dip recession, but there are still a lot of unemployed people, and people who have given up getting a job.  Also, the job report includes people getting back to work from a Verizon’s strike.  Because of these reasons, Obama want to pass the jobs bill, which uses $447 billion as a momentum of Economic growth.  He thinks the situations among Euro zone, the world are still bad, and it could badly effect on U.S. economy

I also think U.S. is still dangerous.  It could go to double-dip recession, but with the money, almost 3% of GDP, U.S. might put if bill was passed by Congress, it would help economic growth in 2012.  This is because through this money, many people could be back to their works, and then the people who get back to work can consume more goods and services.  Even though I simply wrote this model, I am pretty sure this bill help American economy situation.

You can get more information about the articles I read with these two links.